Relaxation Classes

For Surrey & Sussex Mums, Dads and Bumps

Relaxation Classes

Why not join this small, informal relaxation workshop, aimed at parents and pregnant couples.

You will learn calming self-help skills, comprising of breathing, visualisation, relaxation and self hypnosis.

You will also experience a guided deep relaxation session. This will assist you in truly and deeply unwinding. It will calm and clear your mind, relax you and you will feel refreshed and energised.

Attain and maintain a relaxation practice. If you are a hypnobirthing mum or dad, or you would like to experience and benefit from a relaxation session, this course is for you. We teach deep relaxation skills and include a deep relaxation session. Relaxation can help stop worry and rumination, reduce and help with low mood of feeling depressed [1]

Class numbers are limited to 8 people.


£14 per person

How to Book
  1. Email me to check availability
  2. Upon confirmation use the paypal button below to pay for the number of sessions you will be attending.
I just wanted to thank you so much for the relaxation session yesterday. I definitely felt serene and well balanced afterwards.
Lauren from Reigate, Surrey
Thank you so much Leila, I feel relaxed, positive and revitalised! Strongly recommend this session to any mums feeling a bit warn down. Let me know when you are planning the next one and hope to see you at the coffee morning.
Lucy from Coulsdon, Surrey

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